To Book Afternoon Tea

 Call a venue below.

Afternoon Tea Dates Cancelled

Until 2021 

Turkey & Tinsel Dates Out Now!

Please Note

*  Covid-19 Terms & Conditions Apply, Please ask the venue for more details, when         

*  Full Fee or Booking Fees May Apply at the time of booking.

*  Seating arrangements vary from venue to venue and can not be reserved.

*  If you require disabled access, let the staff know at the time of booking.

* There will be loud music at these events.

* Lastly, if you have a complaint about the venue or the service you received, please talk to the staff/manager on the day but PLEASE refrain from taking to social media to air your views, this doesn't help the venue rectify any issues.

* If your having difficulty booking, please give me a call or Text on 07708 690292

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Also Available for private bookings