My love for music was evident at an early age when my parents gave me an old Dansette record player, where I would sing along to the hits of the 50's and 60's, from their record collection.

I started singing at primary school when a piano teacher homed in on my, as she put it "sweet tuneful voice" and took the liberty of writing this on every school report she got her hands on. Mrs Bentham was her name and when she caught up with me, would have me singing "morning has broken" on every given occasion. 

While performing as a DJ/Compare in the 90's, supporting acts such as Edwin Starr, The Searchers and Showaddywaddy to mention a few, I thought I wouldn't mind getting out there again and singing myself. I purchased backing tracks and with the permission of the host, started singing a few songs during buffets, where I was performing as the DJ. They liked what I did and I got good feedback from my ever growing performances. 

Around 2000 I started a duo called Gold with another solo artist, where we performed in his pub, singing the hits of the 60's to the present day. I used to do a swing spot at the time, inspired by Robbie William's Album "Swing when your winning". A few years later we went our separate ways and we both formed solo careers. 

I carried on with the swing spot and added more to it, including 60's and Rock & Roll, just something to get people dancing. I was contacted by the Rotary Club of Newton-le-Willows, where I became a regular entertainer when they had events. 

My career as a solo singer took off and before I knew it I was performing up and down the country for Masonic events, charitable organisations, celebrations which included New Years Eve parties, weddings, birthday parties and private functions in hotels. 

I have also performed as a singing waiter, surprising unwitting diners at various establishments. 

At present I'm Performing with My Show KC Taking You Back In Time Although I am still performing my swing set, along with songs from the 60's and more floor-fillers to get people up dancing and can be seen on the club circuit as far a field as Scotland and down to Oxford. 

Today I still perform the songs that inspired me all those years ago, with one in particular "P.S I Love You" from The Beatles album "Please Please Me", which means a lot to me and brings childhood memories flooding back. Artists Like Billy Fury, The Searchers, Dion, Elvis Presley, Hermans Hermits, to name but a few.

These days Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Michael Buble' and Robbie Williams still provide inspiration to my ever growing swing set list. 

Performing gives me a feeling like no other and I give 100% to every performance. I'm hoping to do this full-time, in the not so distant future but for now I'm happy with where the journey has taken me so far and look forward to what lies ahead. 

Recently I have secured regular work at four pubs where I sing for an Hour or so in the afternoon while they dine, with the odd game of bingo thrown in and I know what you’re thinking! But hey it works. I have an agent who from time to time send work my way but at present I'm generating the bulk of it myself. 

I have new equipment from when I first started out which works really well for me and has got me some great feedback on the way I sound and I have recently invested in more marketing tools such as banners and give-a-ways, like stickers and key rings, which people like as there free. Onwards and upwards they say and I'm moving with full steam ahead.

The Journey Continues.....