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I Send out a confirmation for every booking, this MUST be returned prior to your event.




Terms & Conditions

KC Entertainments UK operates a professional full-time business, not a 'beer-money', half-hearted thing. To protect both you the client and myself, the following are my Terms & Conditions of business. If there is anything you need explained in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

These Terms & Conditions, together with the signed and dated confirmation, constitute a binding contract. No changes or alterations can be made unless agreed in writing by KC Entertainments UK, prior to the date of the Event.

When signing the confirmation, you also sign to say you have read and understood these Terms & Conditions, therefore it is important you take time to read them, before signing.


Upon request these Terms & Conditions can be sent to you either by post or email.

For simplicity, the following terms have these meanings….

Client - The person hiring Entertainment from KC Entertainments UK

Company - KC Entertainments UK

Singer/DJ/Compere - Representative of KC Entertainments UK, present at the Event

Venue - The location of the Event

Booking/Confirmation - The hiring of the KC Entertainments UK by the Client, in accordance with the confirmation

Occasion - The actual party, wedding, or other function for which the Client has booked KC Entertainments UK

Entertainment Required - The entertainment booked by the client i.e. Singer, DJ or Compere

Special InstructionsInformation provided by the client concerning the venue or occasion

Preferred payment method - Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer, this would be arranged when booking.

Notes - Details of the client and any other requirements for the event or venue

T&C'sTerms & Conditions


Booking Details

1.1) No Booking is confirmed until the Terms & Conditions are agreed and the Confirmation is returned to
KC Entertainments UK, correctly completed and accompanied by the non-refundable booking fee of £50.00 within the stated time limit.

1.2) If the Confirmation and booking fee are not returned before the due date, the Client must reconfirm that the requested date is still available. If the date is no longer available the booking fee will be returned, and the booking considered void.

1.3) The entertainment will require adequate time for setting up and dismantling of the equipment. This amount of time will depend on the type of event, access and amount of equipment required. If the Client or Venue has special requirements for setting up/disassembly times or times of access, the Client must provide these details to KC Entertainments UK prior to booking, or additional charges may be made. Wherever possible, the Company will visit the Venue prior to quoting to estimate the time/work/equipment required. Please bear in mind that if there is not sufficient time to do this, or if the distance, opening hours of venue or other matters prohibit this, then KC Entertainments UK must rely on information given by the Client in providing a Quotation. Parking/Toll charges will be charged at cost.

1.4) Both KC Entertainments UK and client offer assurances that no previous bookings exist with other clients/companies that would affect the booking.

1.5) If the client has another booking which results in the cancellation of the contract, cancellation costs in Paragraph 3 do not apply and the full payment is required.

1.6) KC Entertainments UK is not responsible for any non-fulfilment of the confirmation financial or otherwise by proprietors, managers, or artistes but every reasonable safeguard is assured.

1.7) Changing facilities provided if required. At least 75 minutes is required for setting up and 60 minutes to dismantle and reloading equipment. This must be considered when planning any arrangements. If required, an earlier set up time can be made by arrangement. (Before your guests arrive or before the meal).




2.1) Booking fees can be made in Cash, Cheque or by bank transfer subject to 7 days for clearance of cheques. Payment of any outstanding balance must be paid before the event starts, whether in cash on the day/evening of the event, or by agreed method up to 10 days before the event. Preferred payment method will be stated on the confirmation and signed for by the client. Cheques should be made payable to KC Entertainments UK

2.2) If the DJ is required to play on past the agreed time, the fee for such overtime is £50 per 60 mins or part thereof, payable in cash, at the time of requesting extra time. This is subject to the conditions of the Venue and is at the DJ’s discretion.

2.3) If any payments are not received by the due date, the Company may refuse to attend the event, and full payment will still be required, as this will be considered a breach of contract. KC Entertainments UK may, at its discretion, allow a time to pay, but this is exceptional and will be agreed in writing before the commencement of the event.

2.4) On rare occasions KC Entertainments UK may be affected by events beyond our control causing loss of performance. These could include another DJ set-up and ready to perform, power cut, bad weather conditions, etc. If these cause losses of performance the client is still liable for full payment.


Cancellations and Postponements

3.1) KC Entertainments UK will charge the following fees should a cancellation occur.
Within 14 days of the event date. The full contracted fee. 100%
Within 30 days of the event date 50% of the full contracted fee.
Within 60 days of the event date 25% of the full contracted fee
The booking fee will not be refunded under any circumstances and does not eliminate the full cancellation fee being charged.

3.2) In the event of the client wishing to cancel or postpone the event for any reason. The Client must notify KC Entertainments UK in writing and a copy of the confirmation must be included. Text, email, or phone calls will not be accepted for cancellations for the security of the client and KC Entertainments UK cancellations and postponements are only accepted from the original client, who signed the confirmation, unless extreme circumstances prevent this.

3.3) At KC Entertainments UK discretion, we may agree to alter the date of the booking, such replacement date to be within 3 months of the original booking date, and subject to KC Entertainments UK being available on the replacement date.


Conduct and Security  


4.1) The client will ensure that the audience and anyone other than the KC Entertainments UK team conduct themselves in a proper manner. KC Entertainments UK will not be held responsible for any actions, behaviour or damage caused by those attending the event, under any circumstances. In the event of any damage to or loss of any equipment or materials provided by the Singer/DJ/compere for the purpose of the performance by any occurrence or by person/s on the premises, the Client shall be liable to pay in full for the repair or replacement cost of equipment and the hire of necessary equipment or materials during replacement time and to compensate for any loss of work due to that damage or loss. No other persons or performers may use any of the equipment provided other than by prior consent of KC Entertainments UK and maybe subject to charges being applied.
The client is responsible at the end of the performance for the collection of any property left at his/her own risk with the singer/DJ/Compere.

4.2) KC Entertainments UK team will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue, and will respond to the clients requests (unless in breach of any laws or venue requirements/restrictions) as to volume, positioning of equipment, and any other reasonable requests. If you require the singer/DJ/Compere and any other staff to adhere to any specific dress code, please advise at the time of booking. We will happily oblige wherever possible.

4.3) Often, KC Entertainments will take photographs of events, to be used in promotional materials. If you, the Client, object to this, please notify KC Entertainments before the date of the event. Copies of photographs, if possible, may be obtainable from KC Entertainments please ask for details.

4.4) The client will be held responsible for any theft or damage of any equipment (including vehicles stored on the premises) belonging to KC Entertainments UK caused by anyone other than members of KC Entertainments team.

4.5) It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue has sufficient and legal security for both personnel and equipment (including vehicles used by KC Entertainments UK.

4.6) KC Entertainments UK will not be held responsible for damage to the venue caused by KC Entertainments UK equipment. Any potential problems must be notified to KC Entertainments UK.

4.7) KC Entertainments UK operates a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse of its staff, whether verbal or physical, actual or implied. The Client is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests at all times and is responsible for providing any security necessary to police such behaviour. In the event of any actual or threatened abuse, the singer/DJ/Compere may terminate the music and request that the matter is dealt with. The music will be left turned off for the duration, and if the problem is not dealt with in that time, the singer/DJ/Compere has the right to refuse to play on, and may pack up and go. In such circumstances the full fee is still payable, and any damages or loss will be reclaimed from the Client. Any illegal behaviour will be reported to the police/relevant authorities.

4.8) KC Entertainments UK also operates a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs, under-age drinking or other illicit behaviour, and will not be a party to such behaviour. Such actions as detailed in Paragraph 4.7 may be taken in these circumstances. KC Entertainments UK have the right to perform in a safe environment.
We reserve the right to terminate our services should any physical verbal abuse or intimidating actions be made to the singer/DJ/Compere or Any KC Entertainments UK staff present at the event.
In these circumstances no refund will be given and the full fee will still be payable.

Health & Safety 

5,1) It is solely the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue complies with Health & Safety, and holds all necessary certification, Public Liability Insurance, Public Performance Licences etc. KC Entertainments UK has most licences in place including £5,000,000 PLI cover and PAT Testing but some venues require more. So therefore, it is best to check and inform KC Entertainments UK beforehand, to avoid the entertainment being turned away from the venue. Extra costs to licences are payable by the client named on the confirmation. The price you were quoted at the time of booking is based on the information provided by the client and may not be correct. Please check now to avoid disappointment. Reporting changes in writing to KC Entertainments UK at your earliest convenience.

5.2) KC Entertainments UK will ensure their equipment fully complies with all the relevant Health & Safety legislation regarding the equipment and personnel.

5.3) The Client is responsible for ensuring that the venue can provide a safe and practical area in which KC Entertainments UK can set up and operate its equipment. A minimum of 2 x 13-amp sockets is required, preferably separate, and on an unloaded circuit. For most venues, this is adequate; however, for exceptionally large venues different requirements may be necessary. it is also understood that the 'artist' cannot be held responsible for non-performance in circumstances where a sound limiter is set so low that live music performance is not possible for an artist of their type.

5.4) The equipment used may include such items as Lighting stands, truss systems, speaker stands and other constructions. The area provided must be both safe and practical. If the singer/DJ/Compere deems that the venue is unsafe, KC Entertainments UK reserves the right to refuse to set up, and in this case the full fee would still be payable, as KC Entertainments UK has turned up, but is prevented from working by Health & Safety Issues which are the Clients responsibility.
5.5) A suitable parking area must be available for the loading and unloading of KC Entertainments UK equipment at the venue. Likewise, there must be adequate access to the venue with adequate lighting and even ground free from ice or snow or anything that constitutes a danger, when loading or unloading the vehicle.

5.6) It is agreed by the ‘client’ and the ‘artist’ that the equipment and instruments of the ‘artist’ are not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission of the 'artist'.

5.7) The Client realises that whilst we have excellent singer/DJ/Compere back up in place and every reasonable safeguard is assured we cannot be held responsible for any singer/DJ/Compere illness, sudden malfunction or breakdown of any electrical equipment as this is an unavoidable occurrence and Is outside of our control.
We will, however, make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation. In the extremely unlikely occurrence of a non-performance or if a total failure occurs, the booker will be refunded the total fee in full. In this situation this will be the full extent of our liability to the Client.

5.8) In the interest of Health & safety the underwriters of KC Entertainments UK P.L.I. Policy, have advised that no person other than the Artist are covered in the performance area or on the stage and therefore KC Entertainments UK will inform you of this at the beginning of the event. To enter the performance area or stage, you do so at your own risk and no liability will be held whatsoever by KC Entertainments UK.

5.9) A risk assessment will be carried out prior to entertainment being provided and where such venues carry a high-risk factor, entertainment may be refused on the grounds of staff and public safety. All findings will be made available to you the client, so the risk may be lowered or eliminated.

5.10) Covid-19 Risk Assessment to be carried out prior to entertainment being provided and will include.  

  • Identify what work activity or situations might cause transmission of the virus

  • Think about who could be at risk

  • Decide how likely it is that someone could be exposed

  • Act to remove the activity or situation, or if this is not possible, control the risk

Guidelines will be followed from government legislation and from venue to venue by liaising with the venue manager and taking the necessary precautions.

Where a venue poses too higher risk of transmission, then no entertainment will be provided by

KC entertainments UK

Expenses / Rider

Rider6.1) The Confirmation may be subject to a ‘rider’ containing ‘KC Entertainments UK’ requirements for food, accommodation, dressing rooms, technical specifications etc

6.2) The ‘rider’ forms an integral part of the Confirmation and MUST be provided by the ‘client’ at their own expense.

6.3) If the ‘client’ has agreed on the Confirmation to cover additional expenses incurred by KC Entertainments UK (such as taxi’s, Fuel, food, rehearsal time, hotel, flights etc) KC Entertainments UK must provide receipts and an invoice to the ‘client’ within 30 days after the event.

6.4 The ‘client’ must reimburse all expenses to KC Entertainments UK within 14 days of invoice.
These are my terms and conditions, please make sure you have read and understood them before signing your confirmation.

Kind Regards

KC Entertainments UK